18 months

Since I got sober I:

Got a divorce

Transitioned my two beautiful little girls into a new family structure

Got a job

Got laid off

Got that job back

Moved to a tiny apartment with nothing

Relied on family and friends to turn nothing into something

Slept on a couch/bed/air mattress in someone else’s home during 2 weeks of homelessness

Felt amazing love from amazing friends

Grown in my relationship with my best friend

Found two more besties whom I love and adore

Moved into an amazing new place

Bought real adult furniture that I love

Decorated just the way I like it

Attended a billion AA meetings

Cried at a lot of AA meetings

Cried a lot on my couch

Laughed so hard I cried A LOT

Made very bad choices with men

Learned to love being single

Went on a lot of mediocre dates

Survived difficult trips to visit family without drinking

Borrowed more money from family than I care to think about

Thanked God for amazing family who will do that for me

Hosted a stellar baby shower with the help of a friend

Hosted many informal gatherings on my awesome couch with people I love

Baked cupcakes and cookies

Sang karaoke





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