and I’m panicking again.

I switched from my regular phone contract to a prepaid phone. Which sucks. My messages aren’t sending and I’m grumpy and I’ve nearly made about a billion impulse purchases in a desperate attempt to make myself feel better about this disaster. My life revolves around my phone. That might sound silly but it does. I spend my day talking and texting with people in recovery (and my cute boyfriend). I don’t have a home phone, I just have my cell phone, and being cut off from that makes me feel vulnerable, alone and afraid.

Overdependance on technology? Maybe.

In any case, the best thing I can do right now is not panic. The best thing I can do is go to the AT&T store tomorrow and get them to help me make it right. I will get there are early as I can and I will NOT panic until then. I can last 24 hours without a phone.

Such such SUCH a 1st world problem.

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