My dream man loses his lustre

He talked such a good game. He really was everything I was looking for. I really did fall in love with him, heart and soul. But the problem with falling in love with someone so quickly is that you don’t get a chance to see all sides of him, you only see him at his best and when things cycle around and he’s at his worst and suddenly doesn’t think you’re quite so great as he once did…

I think he’s depressed. I mean fine, I’m no stranger to that, be depressed. But at the same time I deserve so much better than depressed because it’s not just his attitude that’s changed, it’s how he treats me. Actually, I suspect he’s bipolar and I met him in a manic phase. I don’t want to love someone only while they’re manic. I don’t want someone to treat me the way I deserve to be treated only while they’re manic.

He refuses to come see me this weekend, my birthday weekend, because he doesn’t want to be with my friends. For my birthday party. For 2 hours. He will sacrifice an entire weekend with me the “love of his life” because he can’t handle 2 hours of potential social discomfort.

Yeah, I deserve better than this. Big time.

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