seeing the positive

This is, to use a very trite turn of phrase, “me time.” I’ve never been alone before, never been able to make decisions about what I like to do, read, listen to, watch without someone else’s opinions encroaching on my choices.

This is also mom time. It’s my older daughter’s last week of school and next week our summer can begin. I can take the girls to the park, the zoo, the pool, whatever, without the hassle of bickering with another adult, another parent who thinks he knows better who has a different way of doing things, who doesn’t want to go here or there or buy ice cream. The decisions can be between me and my argumentative but beautiful four year old. The two year old is just along for the ride.

I have struggled for so long and now I have ceased fighting. I am good with that. The so very close I can taste it soon to be ex-husband came over yesterday. His 24 year old girlfriend dumped him (that would be 9 years his junior if you’re interested), he was heartbroken, he was finally realizing what it meant that he and I were no longer together. He cried.

I still don’t know how I feel about that.

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2 Responses to seeing the positive

  1. says:

    One part of me would feel, “Now you know how it feels to cry…MF.” Please excuse the MF, it’s partly menopause!

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