In the moment I realize I’m not ready to date, I get asked out by a male friend to go on “a real date.” Of course my response was shitty and sarcastic and I pissed him off, so I made a quick amends and said “I’d love to go on a real date with you!” Which is a lie. Way to make it worse.

So I called him back and told him I wasn’t ready for a real date, the thought made me nervous. And he was cool with that, said we should go to dinner anyway, and he would pay. So we did.

And I was bored. SO FUCKING BORED that I have to use profanity to describe it.

The book I’m reading, Single by Judy Ford which is freakin’ brilliant, BTW, says that it’s okay to tell someone “we’re just not a match.” I think I may have to utter those words.

I am finally digging being single.

That being said, I am still totally in love with Martin, but he and I know where we stand with one another and I’m cool with that.

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