Mother’s Day Recap

Despite the fact that the four year old literally woke up whining, it was a good day.

Church was amazing, and my daughter made me a card in Sunday School. We had planned to go to McDonald’s because it’s easy and the girls like the playland. But McDonald’s is also disgusting so I made a last minute decision that the 3 of us should go to Olive Garden.

N0t the smoothest restaurant visit in the world. If you’ve ever dined with a 2 year old, you know what I mean. And there were the occasional, slightly embarrassing set backs such as having to explain that yes, I was the only adult and getting chased down by the hostess when we ran out to the car to grab something – she thought we were leaving without paying. But overall it was wonderful. We got lots of adoring looks because my daughters are beautiful and sweet. We ate good food (I am usually too snobby for chain restaurants, but Olive Garden is a guilty pleasure). I felt proud to be a single mom to two amazing little girls.

Of course by the end of the day, I scrapped the plan to bring the girls to AA with me, called the ex and begged him to hang with the kids for two hours so I could go to the meeting alone, which he did. A little Mother’s Day gift to me from him.

I really do love being a mom.

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