Handing it over

If you had told me a year ago that I would be attending a Southern Baptist church every Sunday and loving it, I would have told you to shut your damn face.

But that’s what happened. I came into AA spiritually dead, and this is where my evolving faith life has taken me. It’s funny because when I read Lit by Mary Karr, I was down with everything in it except when she converted to Catholicism. That part baffled me. But now I think I kind of get it.

The biggest thing I got from today’s sermon: God will turn the places of your worst defeat into places of victory. I think that means I won’t be alone forever, despite being a total failure at making my marriage work. God has not brought me this far to drop me now.

I thoroughly work the 3rd step, handing my will and life over to the care of God, on a daily basis. When I don’t try to live by self-will, things sort of fall into place. It’s VERY hard to see that most days, but then some time passes and I can look back and see it happening. I had a good weekend, and I am feeling at peace. Let’s keep it up.

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