Early morning…

Couldn’t post last night because instead of sitting in front of the computer feeling sorry for myself I was chit chatting on the phone with the crush for 2 hours.

This is dangerous territory. I’ve tried dating, it didn’t go so well. Not to mention the fact that I’m still married, and I’m not going to feel 100% about seeing someone until my divorce is final. Even though my husband has had a girlfriend since November. But that’s another story.

But the chat… it wasn’t flirtatious it all. It was telling our stories, getting to know each other, and that’s cool.

I have no expectations. I just want to stay sober and I’m going to pray for the knowledge of God’s will in my life so I can do the next right thing. It’s hard not to fantasize, not to build an imaginary future with someone, well for me anyway. But those fantasies are just that. I don’t have any true expectations, I just look forward to seeing how this will all unfold.

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